My Home Brew QSL Card

Hams are great for home brewing radio gear, and antenna's, etc, why not a home brew QSL card?? You can go and get QSL cards printed, you pick the one you want and they well put your Call sign and address on it, then print you out a 1000 of them or so... But I feel a card can be kind of a personal thing, and a picture can tell a 1000 words, so I decided to home brew up my own card, I did the art work my self... By looking at the card, you see the kid calling "PAW's HOME" and there is 5 kids, well that's how many kids I do have, and when they were small they use to call me "Pa-Pa", or "Paw" so when I used this choice when I got my call sign... Later Gisele got her call sign too, VE6MAW would of been nice, but it was taken at the time, so the next best thing was VE6TMK (as in Too Many Kids) It's not maybe the correct radio phonetics, but every one that hears her Phonetics as "TOO MANY KIDS" has a laugh and never seems to forget her call sign... Of course anyone can figure out I drive truck for a living, the patches on the tires were a extra touch, Larry VE5WX use to work the Saskatoon Weigh Scales, I gave him a card and he joking told me he'd have to shut me down with that Band-Aid on the steering tire. I know it's got a oil leak under the engine, that truck liked to mark it's territory... Then every one heard of the old lady who had so many kids she didn't know what to do?, She lived in a shoe... Well I don't know if that story had a ham tower by her shoe, but this one does! Heh heh heh! My oldest son got in trouble a few times for climbing the tower, I gave him heck for this... and well you can see him sneaking on the tower again in the picture... Anyhow I had pulled in home with the truck, you can see Gisele has a hand held radio in her hands, so she knew I was coming home (the repeater was timed out) anyhow it's a different card, I've had many comments about it from other hams, some comments that ranged from the card looked a bit CB'ish to others that really got a chuckle and thought it was GREAT! Many seem to have enjoyed it... (this card was also shown on page 36 of the TCA magazine)