Whats happening with VE6PAW.org?

This site has sadly remained stale since I put it online now over two years ago. Anyone who has been dropping by too check up on it from time to time will notice that I've now updated the design of the site significantly.

The facelift is hoped by myself to be only the tip of the iceberg. I intend to build an on-line archive of everything that was my Dad. This will include amongst other things his various articles that ended up in Amateur radio magazines, his weekly email stories he used to send, all material from his original website, etc.

One last 73... (November 1, 2002)

It is with indescribable sorrow that I now write this. This morning I have received the grave news that my Dad, my mothers husband, and a friend to myself and all of you, lost his life on his trip yesterday evening. Nobody really knows exactly what happened. The details are all still very sketchy.

I do know that to all he will be greatly missed. Fern was a man that everyone could rely on and trust in. He never once hesitated to help out another person in need of his services, expertise, or simply a listening ear...

I would like to take this time, on behalf of my dad, my mom, and my family to say good bye on his behalf. I would like to thank everyone for being a part of who my Dad was. Everywhere he went he took great pleasure in his meetings with a wide variety of truly great people. Every one he met was welcomed by stories of his travels, his accomplishments, and even on occasion his hardships. In return, these very people, all of you, were the pride and joy of his life. Perhaps a big piece in what kept him ticking all of these years.